Tips from Nutritionist Shirley Shih 💧🕒

Author: Lynne Posted at: 3/19/2024

Ensuring adequate daily water intake is crucial for our health, but how we distribute this intake throughout the day matters as well. Nutritionist Shirley Shih suggests that once you determine your daily water intake goal, it's best to evenly distribute this amount throughout the day, avoiding consuming large amounts at once.

Additionally, you can adjust your water intake based on factors such as thirst, urine color, and digestive condition. Dark urine color indicates inadequate water intake, while very light urine color suggests excessive hydration. 💦

By paying attention to these cues, you can tailor your water intake to meet your body's needs more effectively. Remember, staying hydrated is not just about the quantity of water you drink but also the timing and balance throughout the day.

Tips from Nutritionist Shirley Shih 💧🕒

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